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All About Gucci

     The illustrious fashion powerhouse of Gucci as we know it today has its roots steeped in very practical beginnings. In 1921, Guccio Gucci (so nice they named him twice) opened his very first leather goods and luggage store in Florence, Italy. 
   Starting a company in between WWI and WWII, quality materials and fine leather were in short supply and high demand. Gucci brilliantly used these circumstances to his advantage and incorporated more humble fabrics like jute and canvas into his designs, keeping costs low and giving the industry a new perspective.
    Gucci’s clients were mainly upper class, equestrian-loving people and he wisely chose to incorporate various equine symbols into his design. Symbols we still see and recognize in Gucci’s modern collections, like the now iconic horsebit. 
    In 1994, Tom Ford became the creative director of Gucci and sales skyrocketed. He increased revenue by 90% and introduced many brand designs that are still staples today.
   Today the house of Gucci continues to thrive and thrill us with its modern take on beloved classics like the infamous Flora print and the microguccissima pattern.
GUCCI White Floral Satin Leather Flap Crossbody Bag
GUCCI Floral Boston Bag



Gucci Brown GG Supreme Canvas Ophidia Bucket Bag

GUCCI Beige GG Web Supreme Small Ophidia Bucket Bag


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