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Louis Vuitton Materials & Styles


Epi Leather - Sturdy grained leather available in a variety of colors.

Pink Rose Cluny

Empreinte Leather- Luxurious embossed calf leather with a natural grain. Also available in many beautiful colors.

Monogram Canvas- crafted out of durable vinyl coated canvas this signature print is a classic for a reason!
Palm Springs
Damier Ebene Canvas- The original print used before the monogram was created, the word Damier means checkerboard in french. The current Damier Ebene pattern is printed on black coated canvas in small lines of two shades of brown to create the beloved print.
Neverfull GM
Damier Azur Canvas- Inspired by the French Riviera this lighter version of the damier ebene is very popular amongst our south florida customers.
Iena Tote
Damier Graphite- The Damier Graphite features an understated black and grey motif with smooth black leather, instead of the classic brown. Damier Graphite is exclusively released in Men’s accessories and leather goods.
Major Loafers
Monogram Multicolore- Created by marc jacobs in collaboration with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, the monogram multicolor is an absolute fan favorite. Marc jacobs and Takashi murakami have created many other prints and beloved limited edition bags for the brand.
Boulogne Shoulder Bag
Suhali- High quality goatskin leather introduced in 2004. The model names for each of the bags made from the suhali leather represent a characteristic of the Louis Vuitton women. For example the L’Epanoui bag translate to radiant in french.
Le Fabuleux
Mini lin idylle- A canvas linen blend In 2010, the Mini Lin collection was reinvented and renamed to the Monogram Idylle Canvas Collection.

Monogram Denim- The signature monogram print on a supple yet durable denim. comes in blue, green, pink, grey, and black.

Mini Pleaty

Vernis- this coated leather similar to patent leather, translates to varnish in French. This shiny and bold material comes in a variety of colors and styles.


Mahina- Luxurious drummed leather with the monogram pattern artfully perforated. Introduced in 2007, this material is inspired by polonesian culture.


Hina Tote



Timeless Treasures

(original designs that have stood the test of time):

Alma, Speedy, Petite Bucket, Noe,Papillon

OG Favorites:

Totally, Tivoli, Eva, Favorite, Neverfull, Artsy, Pochette Accessories

Modern Standards

(contemporary bags that have solidified themselves as modern classics):

Capucines, Twist, Palm Springs, Pochette Metis