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John Hardy Crystal Charms


Style: Fruit

TPL Certificate of Authenticity included

  • Brand: John Hardy
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Approx. Measurements:
    • Circle: 1"
    • Fish: 1.25"
    • Horn: 1.25"
    • Flower: 1"
    • Fruit: 1"
    • Arrow: 2" 
    • Heart: 1"
  • Style: Charms

Additional Features:

  • Sterling Silver Loops
  • Purple Lucite/Resin Fruit Charm
  • Mother of Pearl Horn Charm
  • Turquois Arrow Charm
  • Red Enamel Circle Charm
  • Red Lucite/Resin Fish Charm 
  • Blue Marble Heart Charm
  • All Charms Stamped John Hardy 925

Condition Comments:

Sterling silver is lightly scratched on charms although, shiny. Resin, lucite and turquoise are lightly scratched although, nothing major or super noticeable. Overall, very good condition.

With pre-owned items our outlook is as follows: If you want a perfect item without any wear - please buy from the store. But if you want to save hundreds of dollars on a pre-loved item that will ultimately have/show some kind of use - then you're in the right place! We will never be able to detail every single spot or blemish, but we do our best to give an accurate depiction and provide ample pictures. Beyond that, please use your best judgment and contact us with further questions.

Exterior Condition B+ 
Interior Condition  B+
N A brand new item that has never been used/worn
A+ Pre-owned item that is in mint condition. No visible wear, stains, fading, rips etc.
A- Excellent condition with very minor imperfections, not noticeable except upon close examination. Only used/worn a handful of times.
B+ Very good condition with minor imperfections / visual abrasions. Beautifully kept although obviously pre-owned.
B- Good overall condition. Moderate imperfections (scratches, stains, etc.) Wearable without repair, although it could be improved upon with repair if desired.
C+ Poor Condition. Obvious and multiple imperfections. Worn parts and moderately damaged.
C- Severely worn. May have cracks, large stains, missing parts, large rips, etc. Would need to be repaired, restored or recycled.