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Sell - Trade - How it Works


Walk in with clutter, walk out with a check!

How Does it Work?

Bring us your gently used designer handbags and accessories for a same-day quote. Our trained specialists will authenticate and evaluate your collection. We offer competitive prices based on factors such as brand, condition and desirability. You will receive a minimum offer of 50% of the resale value. Our buying hours are Monday - Saturday from 11:30 AM - 4:30 PM. No appointments are necessary.

Brands We Accept:

-Louis Vuitton -Chanel -Gucci -Prada -Fendi -Christian Dior -Hermes -Balenciaga -Bottega Veneta -Saint Laurent -Versace -Burberry -Valentino -Salvatore Ferragamo -Miu Miu -Judith Leiber -Loewe - Jimmy Choo -David Yurman -Goyard -Dolce & Gabbana -Givenchy -Alexander McQueen -Chloe -MCM -Tiffany & Co. -Christian Louboutin -Cartier -John Hardy -Tom Ford -Stella McCartney

Items We Purchase:

-Handbags -Wallets -Clutches -Sunglasses -Belts - Shoes -Designer Jewelry -Watches -Scarves -Men's Accessories -New with tags top tier designer clothing

How Do I Get Paid?

Instantly! If you accept some or all of our offers, we will write you a check the same day. No waiting. No hassles. We do require a valid form of I.D. for each sale. Checks can only be made payable to the person selling the items. 

What if I want to think about the offer before deciding? 

 No problem! We will honor your quote for up to two weeks. After two weeks, we would need to re-evaluate your items.

How do I get the most for my items?

Oftentimes we will pay out higher prices for items that come with original receipts, dust bags/ cases, and have all the original pieces that came with your item. Making sure items are clean and odor neutral will also add value. Items that are dirty or have an odor will often receive a lower quote because of the additional time/ money that will need to be invested. Another trick is to bring in items that are ready for the upcoming season. For example, bring us boots and brown items in the fall; floral and pastel items in the spring.


Use your clutter for collateral - swap out the old for something new!

How does it work?

If you prefer to trade in your items for something in our store, we will add an extra 20% to your quote. For example, if we offer $500 for your items, you can choose instead to take a trade value of $600 (additional 20%) with our Trade Program.

What if I want the Trade Value, but there isn't anything I want in store?

No worries, you can take your Trade Value in the form of a store credit and use it later. Your store credit never expires. Also, we get in approximately 250 new items a week. So odds are we will have something you want next time!

Can I use some of my quote for Trade Value and get the remaining amount in a check?

Ok - so here's the deal. You can split items, not dollars. This means that for each item on your quote you must decide whether it will be used for Trade Value or if you would like to sell it outright. In that way you can split your quote to take advantage of both options. But if for instance you have one expensive item, you cannot split the quote for that one item between Trade Value and a check.

Other Terms:

Trade Value cannot be used in conjunction with offered discounts or sales.