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How to care for your preowned luxury goods

So you just purchased a beautiful designer handbag from The Purse Ladies, congratulations! Here's how you can continue to care for it as soon as you take it home. This will not only extend the amount of use you can get out of your bag but also help to hold its value.

Knowing how to keep and care for your used bags is just as important as the hunt itself. Here are our top tips and tricks for keeping your bags looking as gorgeous (if not better!) than the day you purchased them.

Proper Storage

Believe it or not, some of the most significant wear happens not while the bag is being carried, but rather, when it is not being worn. We recommend keeping your bag stuffed and stored in a dustbag for extra protection. A stiff paper stuffing or bubble wrap are both great options as well as custom handbag inserts. Be careful not to overstuff your bag as that can also create some unfavorable shaping. Make sure handles are not bent and chain straps are tucked in to avoid indentations on more delicate leather. Hanging a bag by its strap can warp the shape of the handles.

Tips for Coated Canvas and Grained Leather

These materials are known for their durability and ease of maintenance. For spot cleaning coated canvas we recommend a gentle water based cleanser. Baby wipes actually work really well for this! For both leather and coated canvas its always a good idea to test a small area first and to stay away from harsh chemicals.

For leather bags, leather conditioner will add shine and hydrate the material. Specialty products like these are small investments that can go a long way. Be sure to always use a gentle non dyed cloth when cleaning or spot treating your bag to avoid color transfers. 

Patent Leather, Raw Leather, and Lambskin

The beauty of these materials is their delicacy and they should be treated with extra special care. Patent leather can be shined up beautifully with a polishing cloth. We recommend just keeping one in your purse. To avoid color transfers and scuffs on patent and lambskin, make sure these materials do not come into extended contact with darker colors. Denim is he most infamous culprit for color transfers. Proper storage will also help prevent this.

Never attempt to clean vachetta or raw leather on your own. This type of leather is untreated and is easily effected by water and even the oils from our skin. 
With any of these more delicate materials its best to take them to a professional cobbler or handbag specialist to treat any issues.

"Know when to take your bag to a professional and don't be afraid to invest."

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

There are so many benefits to rotating your bags regularly! It not only keeps them from getting too worn and also helps you to enjoy your collection! We have found that its also a great way to keep the interior of your purse more clean and organized. 

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