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The Story of The Purse Ladies


 The Purse Ladies was born in 2010 when two sisters, Alana and Arlee, first launched the company from their garage in South Florida.  

"We kind of stumbled into the industry really. Unbeknownst to us the designer resale market was ripe for change. And we didn't even know what the box was, so it was easy to think outside it." -Alana

When it came time to open their first brick and mortar location, the girls were ready to introduce some fresh ideas to the world of resale. They created a unique designer trading program that allowed local customers to recycle their items for something new. They also implemented an authentication process and product appraisal system that allowed them to buy products directly from customers, on the spot.

"We had so many ideas coming out the gate. We knew what we didn't want to be, and that backboard sort of ping-pong'd us towards figuring out what we did want to be." -Alana

The girls knew that shopping at high-end retail stores could be a fun and glamorous. But buying options are often limited and prices steep. So they sought to create a shopping experience that would give discerning buyers more options while still providing that thrill of shopping in an upscale retail location.

And now that same experience is available online with the 2019 launch of  

“We take authenticity VERY seriously. That’s why we’ve made it the cornerstone of the company. Every item that comes to us gets vetted by at least two trained authenticators before it is offered for sale. Reputation is everything in this industry.” – Arlee

Today the girls are the proud proprietors of their new 3000 sq ft show room and office located at 21090 Saint Andrews Blvd. Suite 1

Boca Raton FL, 33433

Open Mon-Sat from 10am-5pm