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Styling Purses Year Round

A Bag for Every Season: Styling Purses Year Round

It’s time to break out those warm-weather clothes as we come into the summer season. Sundresses, linen pants, light-wash jeans, and denim shorts welcome long days of sunshine and hours spent by the pool.

As you get excited about summer fun and fashion, one all-important accessory needs to fit in with the rest of your look: your purse. While some bags may work for multiple seasons, most are not meant to be year-round accessories. From colors to patterns, shapes to weights, here is a guide for elevating your seasonal style with the right handbags and purses.



When summer is in full bloom, your bag should be as well. Warmer, sunny weather is suited to lovely florals, but if flowers aren’t really your thing, any free and loose patterns will fit in well with the vibe. Avoid bulky, angular, and geometric patterns, as these can be too heavy for the laid-back days of summer.

Stripes can be fun for summer but should be done in bright and light colors. Navy blue and white stripes are a classic Nantucket nautical look, and anything pinstripe will surely be a hit. Gingham can recall memories of nostalgic summer picnics and long, bright nights.


Lightweight bags are ideal for this time of year. You will likely be spending more time out and about in the warm weather, and you don’t want to be too weighed down.

Summer is also a great time to experiment with fun and unique materials. Canvas and straw bags scream a day at the beach, and when styled with a flowy dress and sun hat, you might be able to convince yourself that you’re off on a romantic holiday on the Mediterranean Sea.


Lighter-colored purses are the way to go in warmer months. Your seasonal outfits will likely show off light colors and fabrics, and matching your bags with your clothing will create a more cohesive look. White, beige, powder blue, and pink handbags tend to work well with most summer color palettes. Keep these colors in mind when choosing your next purse.


Nothing says summer like a cotton sundress, straw bag, and jute espadrille sandals. These natural fibers work so well when paired with the natural plant fibers of canvas and straw bags. Throw it all together and you have the perfect outfit for a day at the beach or a morning trip to the farmers market.

Macrame materials can work well for a boho look, and if you feel like making a statement without getting too wild, bags with fun handles, such as bamboo, can bring a summery, airy look to any outfit.

If you love a floral print purse, try pairing one with a simple, classic outfit, like blue jeans and a white blouse. A bold handbag pattern paired with understated fashion choices will make your bag the focal point and star of the outfit. Keeping the rest of your fit simple also ensures you aren’t mixing florals or other patterns.



Winter is the time to pull out those bold plaid purses and animal prints to bring life and pizazz to dreary, chilly mornings. Handbags with heavier patterns and fabrics won’t overwhelm heavy coats and cold weather gear you’re sporting. Instead, a bold purse provides the perfect focal piece for any winter outfit.


Bags with thicker, heavier materials are perfect for this time of year. The quality construction of vintage designer bags for winter often features durable leather and even touches of fur. You want a bag that can withstand cold weather conditions.

Additionally, larger purses and unique shapes won’t be drowned out next to bulkier winter fashions. You want your designer purses and gently used luxury handbags to stand out.


Darker colors and metallics are well suited for winter months. Gem tones like ruby, sapphire blue, and emerald work especially well beside cold-weather fashions. And, of course, you can never go wrong with an LBD (little black dress) or LBB (little black bag).


Matching your handbag to cold-weather accessories like a hat, scarf, or pair of gloves can be a fun way to pull your outfit together in the winter. If you want to make a strong statement, try matching a monochrome outfit with a bold plaid or tartan-patterned handbag.

Transitional Months

The spring and fall are called transitional seasons for a reason. In these months, your summer and winter bags may make appearances. With quickly changing weather conditions, these seasons don’t have as set fashion rules as winter and summer.

Consider a classic tan or medium brown bag when choosing the perfect purse for those transitional spring and fall months. Tan, beige, and brown are easily styled and can be brought out and paired with winter and summer outfits as well.

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